Advantages of Google Apps’ Gmail: “Undo Send” Saves My Sanity

Do you remember your first email address? Similar to my first kiss, I’m sure I’ll never forget mine:  Like so many others in my generation, I first got my own email account with Microsoft’s Hotmail. Although it was my first personal address, technically it wasn’t the first address I ever used – back in 1997, my father shared his account with the rest of the family. But that’s another story.

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Cloud Applications – Online Software You Can Use Today

cloud applications development consulting

Turns out I use the word “cloud” on my website often – it’s the 58th most used word on this site!

The online cloud. It’s a word used quite often in today’s marketing and techno-geek talk, but not so well understood. Everywhere you look it seems someone is using the cloud; I certainly am using it, both in my business marketing and as a tool for my clients. It’s becoming more and more common, and even if you don’t know it, you are using the cloud. Don’t believe me? Have you ever uploaded a picture to facebook? Then you’ve used the cloud. Do you check your email using Google’s gmail? There’s an even more powerful example of cloud computing. Backups services, online storage devices, and online software all use the cloud. Read More

Accidentally Deleted Files – Are They Lost Forever? Options for Recovery

Although fortunately most of us think before acting, accidentally deleting files happens to the best of us. A buddy of mine was working on a project for 3 months, and did not keep any kind of backup. He thought he was deleting a single video, but his project folder was highlighted as well when he hit Shift + Delete (in windows, shift + delete will bypass the recycle bin, immediately deleting the files.) This was obviously not the smartest move, and I had to refrain myself from barraging him with Captain Hindsight comments once he told me. Read More

Sharing Screenshots of your Desktop, or Videos of your Desktop with Techsmith’s Jing

In all of my blog posts, I try to include a photograph, screenshot, or other image file to keep the blog interesting to read. Most often, I take screenshots from my computer to post on the blog. While there are a number of amazing tools available, (including the AVS Screen Capture program that comes bundled with the suite of AVS tools that I mentioned in my previous post), there is one screen capture tool I have an affinity for: Techsmith’s Jing. (Free download.) Read More

How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines, Namely Google

I launched this website about 10 days ago. Yesterday, I got my first piece of solicitation in the mail. No, not by email, but via old-school USPS mail. It came in a stamped envelope, had my company name on it, and was in reference to my newly launched website I assume the company has some automated means of finding out newly launched websites, because if they actually did some reasearch, they would have known that I would be the last person to buy their services: charging $100 to “submit my domain name and keywords to 25 established search engines.”

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Converting Video Files the Easy Way – AVS4YOU Does it Right.

You might think that this is a subtle advertisement, but no. AVS4YOU did not hire me to write this blog, nor did they did pay me to sing their praises. My whole life I’ve been looking for software that does precisely what AVS4YOU offers, and I’m happy to share this software with the rest of my readers. Read More

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