Converting Video Files the Easy Way – AVS4YOU Does it Right.

You might think that this is a subtle advertisement, but no. AVS4YOU did not hire me to write this blog, nor did they did pay me to sing their praises. My whole life I’ve been looking for software that does precisely what AVS4YOU offers, and I’m happy to share this software with the rest of my readers.

The suite of software offered by AVS includes 18 different tools, each one finely tuned to a specific need. I first found out about the AVS tools a few years ago, when I was desperately searching for a video converter that could convert video files from some wonky format my client sent me into something that could be burnt by my crappy pre-installed DVD writing software. After trying numerous free, opensource, and shareware software, I finally found the AVS Video Converter. Unlike almost every other software, it is intuitive to use, and it does one thing extremely well: convert video between any formats imaginable.

I downloaded it, tried it for free (the free version puts a watermark on the converted files), and then did not hesitate to buy an unlimited license for the entire suite. At $60, it was the best software purchase of my life. That $60 not only let me use the video converter, but every single other tool they make- including a video editor and a DVD burning tool, which was much simpler than the crappy one I was going to use.

AVS Video Converter

The different formats you can convert from/to includes AVI, DVD, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV, Blu-ray, MOV, RM, 3GP, SWF, MKV, DPG, AMV, MTV, GIF, TS, M2TS, and WebM. Yes, you can even convert a video file to an animated GIF image file!

convert video software tools professional video conversion

The choice of video formats on the tool’s main page.

After you choose a format, you are then able to choose a specific profile to convert to. Choose the profile drop down to see a list of pre-chosen aspect ratios, file sizes, audio quality, etc. Not happy with the most popular, pre chosen ones? Click the advanced button to edit every single last detail about your conversion.

Advanced video conversion choose output size, bitrate, frame size, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate, bitrate, and channels.

Some of the advanced output options for one video format.

Even Easier: To Web or To Device

If you have no idea what format you should be converting to, the tool has a super easy way to convert the file based on where you want your video to go. Select to “Web” or “Device” tab to choose an online system or specific device, and the tool will automatically choose the format to which it will convert. I have many people who want to put a video file on their iPod, but uploading the entire thing could take up way too much space. I just select the ‘apple’ device, choose the iPod touch from the drop down profile box, and hit convert. It optimizes the file for playback on the iPod.

convert video for mobile devices with the precise aspect ratio

Choose what device you want to convert your video for

upload movies to the web, youtube, facebook, vimeo, flickr, dropbox

Choose which online service you want to convert your video for.

The video converter lets you get as detailed as you want. Don’t know what you’re doing? That’s okay, the pre-selected formats and profiles let you find what device your video will end up on, and the important choices are made correctly for you, behind the scene.

What About Real Video Editor Tools?

Yes, by all means if you have Adobe Premiere, Avid Media, Edius, Vegas Pro, or another super powerful video editor, you can use that to convert between all these formats. However, the learning curve for using those softwares is enormous compared to the simplicity that the AVS tools offer. When I try a new tool from AVS, it usually takes me only 10 minutes to figure out what is going on, and how to work the tools. I own the Adobe Creative Suite, and use it extensively when I have to do advanced image manipulation. But the simplicity offered by AVS Photo Editor is something that I enjoy for simple, automatic color correction.

Those who do not know how to use advanced tools, don’t want to spend the time learning or don’t have the money to spend will find the AVS suite of software a breeze to learn and use.

Web Graphics processing and manipulation editing of pictures for web and mobile devices

Hardly as advanced as Photoshop’s toolbar, the photo editor has just the most popular editing tools.

Other AVS Tools

There are a lot of other tools included in the original $60 purchase that I use on a regular basis, such as the image converter, audio editor, disc creator, video editor, and video recorder. Check back soon for an in-depth look at the image converter tool, which is super useful for quickly re-sizing images – a must if you are a developer that always gets sent enormous files from cameras with huge resolutions.

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