Let us find the solutions for you, whether it be 3rd party apps or completely custom code

Application Development

Websites. Intranets. Marketing. Customer relationship. Information technology. Office productivity. Databases. Virtual filing cabinets. Order fulfillment. Engineering tools. Credit card processing.

If you think there may be a better way of running any aspect of your business, chances are there is. Go digital. We can find tools and applications to increase productivity in every operation of your day to day business.

Some of the business aspects for which we can help you find the missing piece:

  • salesforce zoho crm developmentCustomer relationship management
    There are hundreds of tools available for complete, integrated, and in the cloud customer management. But which one to use? Contact us, and we can help you find and deploy the perfect CRM solution for your business.
  • force.com mysql and other backend databaste developmentDatabase applications
    Are you still storing data in Excel spreadsheets, emailing them back and forth, and losing track of the latest version? Database applications can keep everyone on the same page, and all your data organized and synced to every person, computer, and device.
  • cloud-based email and documents, virtual filing cabinet, sites, intranets, scanning documentsOffice productivity
    Powerful, integrated email systems, document repositories, digital filing cabinets, cloud-based word processing. All these tools can save you a lot of money and frustration over conventional desktop software.
  • selling products online, we can help. credit card processing, order fulfillment, trackingE-commerce
    If you sell products, you know the importance of organization. Forget binders, folders, and filing cabinets – move everything to a more organized system. One search can provide every customer interaction, from first contact to most recent email.
  • office hardware, software, computers, laptops, fax machines, scanners, printers, network, wireless, machines, passwords, security, everything IT relatedInformation technology
    With the inundation of computer hardware and software, it’s difficult to make an informed decision about the right choice for your business. What is the difference between a $100 hub and a $3000 integrated switch? Which one will work for you? Do you really need to buy the latest and greatest laptop for browsing the internet? And how do you connect your devices in the office? What kind of phone should you use? We understand what you are going through. Help us help you – with your expectations, we can set you up with the perfect IT systems and technologies for your environment. You can rest assured things will work flawlessly. Most of the time, we can even save you money in the long run.

Some examples of the cloud applications we can leverage:

Google Apps – gmail, docs, sites, calendar

Salesforce.com – world-class CRM & software as a service

Amazon Web Services – online storage & software platform

Office 365 – Microsoft tools including desktop sharing, online collaboration

GoDaddy – complete domain name management & DNS control

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