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Expert Consulting Services

Some of the consulting we provide:

  • Migration from in-house services to cloud-based applications
    • Google Apps for email, documents sharing, site collaboration, calendars
    • Skype for connectivity across geographical locations
    • database services for all types of business logic
  • Office / home-office network & hardware setup
    • Wired connections, ethernet cable wiring
    • Wireless solutions
    • Office hardware: printers, phones, faxes, scanners, security systems, servers, desktops, laptops – all interconnected
  • VoIP configuration and virtual PBX
    • Save thousands of dollars by switching from Plain-Old-Telephone-System to Voice over I.P.
    • Virtual phone exchange systems, such as or Broadview Networks
  • Marketing material
    • YouTube and Vimeo accounts for video
    • Facebook and Twitter accounts for social interaction
    • Postcards and Posters for trade shows and advertisement
    • Newsletters
  • Customer relationship management software
    • CRM to track the entire sales cycle and customer relationship
    • for a ready-to-use implementation
  • Salesforce advanced administration & customization
    • Advanced case handling
    • Extensive customization of the vanilla app
    • Add hundreds of custom fields, objects, validations, workflows, approvals, reports, dashboards, apps, and more
  • Upgrading old hardware & software
    • New computers, new software, and other office hardware
  • Linux administration
    • Proprietary servers and in-house applications for enhanced security and data protection
  • Security policies
    • Audit of security policies and data management
  • Linking applications between one another
    • Custom applications can work together with 3rd party tools
    • Leverage APIs to link your website with your other tools
  • database development
    • Track products effectively
    • Comply with government enforcement rules

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