Web Design Additional Features

These are some of the premium features that can be added to a website design. Have something else you’d like to add to your site? Just ask! There are solutions for virtually any problem out there.


  • Blog – post new content often, and organize your posts with categories, tags, and search by archives.
  • Website Analytics – track who goes to your site, how your visitors interact, what search terms are used, and hundreds of other interesting tidbits.
  • Mailing list sign up – provide visitors a way to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list. Names, emails and other fields are automatically added to a database
  • Contact form – instead of just providing an email address, give you visitors an integrated contact form. Add whatever fields you want, and protect your inbox from spam.
  • Donation link – include a paypal or other merchant account to have visitors donate money to your cause, site, or company.
  • Auto-twitter – every time you post a new blog entry, this will automatically post a tweet with the blog title, and a link to your website.
  • Image gallery – pop-up image galleries that don’t require going ‘back’ in the browser history every time. “Light-box” look, with forward / backwards arrow key navigation.
  • Anti-spam filter – are your pages open for comments? Spammers may quickly start posting spam on your pages. Automate the detection of spam posts and save time.
  • Advanced multimedia – post song samples, flash files, or video other than youtube embeds.

More complex examples:

  • Personalized email address – still using a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail email account? Put your domain to use with your own email address – you@yourDomain.com.
  • Search engine optimization – focused keywords and advanced tools to make search engine optimization a reality.
  • User accounts – your visitors can create accounts, which leads to numerous possibilities, including having your users post content themselves.
  • Lead generation – require visitors to enter their basic information before they can download items, view pages or media, or demo a software.

High-end examples:

  • Shopping cart – have items for sale on your website, integrate the checkout process, and charge your customers credit cards using a 3rd party merchant. Full setup and first 5 products included. (Additional 3rd party costs may apply.)
  • Targeted advertisement – drive more visitors to your site with focused, targeted advertisements. (Additional 3rd party costs may apply)
  • Custom content – need database objects other than the standard page or post? We can create custom content types. Examples include projects, events, galleries, members, products, etc.

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