Do you have a domain name, but don’t know how to access it? Did you inherit a website but lose the usernames or passwords? We can help you recover lost data or set you up with a new hosting company. Still using a, or address? It’s time to take your branding to the next level with a personalized domain and email account. You can even continue using your preferred email reader, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Mac Mail. Solutions to complex information technology problems
Is your website outdated? We can give your site a modern look and feel, showing your potential clients, employers, and colleagues that you know how to present yourself and operate in today’s online world. Are you still emailing files back and forth? Do you send yourself a file so you can open it on another computer? Learn how to use the cloud to your advantage, saving you time & money, while lowering your frustration levels.
Is your home or office littered with cables? Does only one computer hook up to the printer? Are you stuck using old broken machines? We have lots of experience troubleshooting and setting up office hardware & networking. Paying through the roof for phone service? Learn how switching to a virtual PBX using VoIP can potentially save you thousands of dollars a year.
Is your software all on one computer? Don’t know what to do if it suddenly died? Are you still storing your documents in a filing cabinet? Upgrade to the cloud, forget the paper and cumbersome software, and feel safe with online backups. E-commerce holding you back? Start selling your products & services online. Accept credit cards easily, directly from your site. We can show you how easy it is to compete online.

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