Hard drive recovery tools for accidentally deleted files

Accidentally Deleted Files – Are They Lost Forever? Options for Recovery

Although fortunately most of us think before acting, accidentally deleting files happens to the best of us. A buddy of mine was working on a project for 3 months, and did not keep any kind of backup. He thought he was deleting a single video, but his project folder was highlighted as well when he [...]

TechSmith Jing screen capture and video recording software and sharing tools

Sharing Screenshots of your Desktop, or Videos of your Desktop with Techsmith’s Jing

In all of my blog posts, I try to include a photograph, screenshot, or other image file to keep the blog interesting to read. Most often, I take screenshots from my computer to post on the blog. While there are a number of amazing tools available, (including the AVS Screen Capture program that comes bundled [...]

convert video software tools professional video conversion

Converting Video Files the Easy Way – AVS4YOU Does it Right.

You might think that this is a subtle advertisement, but no. AVS4YOU did not hire me to write this blog, nor did they did pay me to sing their praises. My whole life I’ve been looking for software that does precisely what AVS4YOU offers, and I’m happy to share this software with the rest of [...]

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