Hard drive recovery tools for accidentally deleted files

Accidentally Deleted Files – Are They Lost Forever? Options for Recovery

Although fortunately most of us think before acting, accidentally deleting files happens to the best of us. A buddy of mine was working on a project for 3 months, and did not keep any kind of backup. He thought he was deleting a single video, but his project folder was highlighted as well when he [...]

TechSmith Jing screen capture and video recording software and sharing tools

Sharing Screenshots of your Desktop, or Videos of your Desktop with Techsmith’s Jing

In all of my blog posts, I try to include a photograph, screenshot, or other image file to keep the blog interesting to read. Most often, I take screenshots from my computer to post on the blog. While there are a number of amazing tools available, (including the AVS Screen Capture program that comes bundled [...]

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